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Crowns are done when a tooth is unable to be restored by a white filling. If a tooth is missing and there is a tooth on both sides of the missing space a bridge can be made, also a crown procedure. An implant will also require a crown.  Crowns provided an amazing opportunity to have a full, realistic tooth in the empty space so the patient can smile with confidence. By seeing Dr. Bainer, your, dentist in Escondido,   He will access  your individual needs and give you his professional recommended treatment.

Crown Appointment

The traditional single unit crown will require anesthetic, preparation of the tooth, impressions and a temporary crown to be worn 2 weeks while our ceramic lab fabricates the crown.

This process is still necessary in some situations. Dr. Bainer has the latest technology, CEREC!
This crown is 3D scanned instead of impressions and in most cases you will get your new crown the same day.

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What’s Changed?

The future is here, and same day crowns are now available With the CEREC machine, Dr. Bainer can create crowns in the office. There is no longer a need for patients to visit the dentist two or three times for the crown to be installed and no more being careful with food while wearing a temporary crown for a few weeks while the crown is being made at the lab.

The patient will only need to take off a few hours, one time.
Most patients are going to be eligible for these crowns and will be able to have everything done in just one appointment

What are the Benefits of These Crowns?

More patients are choosing same day crowns for the convenience, but this isn’t the only benefit of these crowns. The digital impression process is more comfortable than the standard impressions, the crowns themselves are more comfortable, and they have a much longer lifespan than traditional crowns. <br>Most patients who have CEREC same day crowns say they’re pleased with the crown and report a high success rate for the crowns. While traditional crowns tend to last around ten years, crowns made using a CEREC machine have a 95.5% success rate after nine years and an 84% success rate after 18 years. Long after traditional crowns may fall out or break, CEREC crowns are still going strong.

What Should the Patient Expect?

The patient should expect the process to be as painless as possible and as fast as possible. They should expect to spend some time in the dental chair, but they only need to make one appointment instead of multiple over a few weeks to a month. They should expect the crown to feel comfortable in their mouth and be as smooth as possible once it’s in place.
The patient should also expect the crown to last as long as possible. CEREC same day crowns have an incredibly high success rate as much as 18 years down the road, which is much longer than traditional crowns. This gives the patient much less to worry about and enables them to get back to eating normally as quickly as possible.

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