6 Ways Regular Dental Care Will Save Your Smile

People avoid regular dental care for a variety of reasons. Some people have dentophobia, a fear of receiving dental work. Others feel they can’t afford it or are just too busy.

People avoid regular dental care for a variety of reasons. Some people have dentophobia, a fear of receiving dental work. Others feel they can’t afford it or are just too busy. These are all understandable reasons. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that regular dental care is vital to preserving the health of your teeth. The benefits aren’t limited to just your teeth, either. Read on for six critical reasons to schedule those regular visits to your dentist.

1. Preserve Your Teeth

To be sure, there are many excellent dental services available on the market today. Cavities can be filled in with invisible composite fillings. You can cover chipped or broken teeth with veneers or crowns. And if you accidentally lose a tooth, there’s a variety of dental implants that can fill the gap.

Still, nothing beats your natural teeth. Doesn’t it make sense to preserve your original teeth rather than seek artificial (and expensive) replacements down the road?

Regular dental care will help you avoid major restorative work later life. Your dentist can identify any signs of decay or other issues and correct them before they get worse.

2. Brighten Your Smile

Over time, our teeth tend to fade and turn yellow.

Sometimes the cause is hereditary, while other times it’s the result of poor dental hygiene habits. Years of teeth-staining drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine also take a toll on your pearly whites.

To keep your smile white and bright, schedule regular cleanings twice a year. Your dentist will remove film, plaque, and other debris that discolors teeth over time.

If you want your smile to pop, you might also consider a few sessions of professional teeth whitening.

3. Avoid Bad Breath

Are you self-conscious about your breath? Do you always find yourself chewing gum or reaching for mints? If so, it may be time to step up your dental care routine.

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be caused by many things. Certain foods are sure to make your breath stink, as will some underlying health conditions.

In many cases, though, bad breath is caused by bacterial buildup in your mouth. When you don’t clean your mouth properly, bacteria can fester between your teeth, under your gums, and on your tongue.

What’s the solution? You guessed it–regular dental care. Your dentist will be able to identify the source of your bad breath. By getting to the root of the issue, you can beat your bad breath and give yourself (and everyone around you) a reason to smile.

4. Improve Physical Health

Taking care of your teeth is about much more than a pretty smile. The truth is that the health of your mouth provides valuable clues about your overall physical health.

Like other parts of your body, your mouth contains a lot of bacteria. Most of this bacteria is the right kind.

However, when you neglect regular dental care, your mouth may develop too much of the harmful types of bacteria. Left untreated, this can lead to oral infections, tooth decay, or gum disease.

Why does this matter? Consider a few sobering facts:

  • People with gum disease are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Seniors with periodontal infections are four times as likely to develop pneumonia.
  • Poor oral health increases the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Over one-third of the participants in a pancreatic cancer study also suffered from gum disease.
  • Studies in multiple countries have found links between gum disease in pregnant women, premature birth, and low birth weights.

Doctors still aren’t sure exactly why these connections exist. Their best guess is that long-term inflammation in the mouth can eventually create problems in other areas.

Does this mean that your health is automatically doomed if you don’t get regular dental cleanings? Of course not. Still, the facts speak for themselves. Taking care of your mouth equates to taking care of your entire body.

5. Boost Your Confidence

Nothing speaks of confidence like a healthy, radiant smile. We are naturally drawn to people who smile, just like we’re put off by those who don’t.

When you get regular dental care, your teeth will be cleaner and whiter. Your mouth will feel fresher and healthier. You won’t have to worry about offending someone with your bad breath.

Going to the dentist isn’t the same as going to charm school, but the results will be the same. When you have a healthy smile, it’s only natural that it will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

6. Save Money

A final reason to get regular dental care is that it saves you money.

True, the cost of X-rays, cleanings, and fillings can add up. But those costs are tiny compared to restorative work you’ll need later in life if you don’t take care of your teeth.

Veneers, for example, can cost anywhere from $250-$2,500 per tooth. A full dental implant for a single tooth can cost $1,500-$6,000.

Imagine if you need to have these procedures done to several or half a dozen teeth! Those costs could be crippling if you’re not prepared for them.

In contrast, regular dental care twice a year costs very little. By taking care of your teeth now, you’ll avoid potentially massive dental bills in the future.

Where to Get Regular Dental Care

As you can see, regular dental care offers far more benefits than just healthy teeth.

It’s also a terrific way to improve your physical health and keep your wallet happy.

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