The Tooth About Invisalign Braces

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Invisalign Braces

Have you ever felt as if you were invisible?

Though it might be one of the worst feelings in the real world, in the teeth world it’s something to be praised.


Let me clear some things up for you:

When it comes to teeth, most adults will forego brace treatment for fear of the intrusive nature of the metal.

Not only can it be bulky and uncomfortable, but it’s also unsightly for adults trying to get by in work and their everyday life.

Looking at the facts:

  • About 60% of adults have crooked teeth and would benefit from orthodontic treatment
  • Only 20% of the total brace-wearing population are adults over the age of 18
  • Crooked teeth can lead to trapped food, an increase in plaque production, gum disease, and strain on your jaw joints in muscles resulting in TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)
  • Majority of non-brace-wearers admit to this being because of cost, time, and their appearance
  • This is even though adults are likely to wear their braces for a much shorter time than children

This, of course, is unfortunate because adults can easily rectify the situation simply by knowing their options.

Are there metal braces for adults? You bet.

But is there a better solution for adults with crooked teeth?


Take a look at these five reasons to see how Invisalign is an option for you and how your Escondido dentist can help get you fitted, today!


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Let’s face it, as an adult; we like to have things as simplified and as easy as is possible. Part of the issue that adults have with traditional braces is the lack of convenience they offer to the users. You can’t remove them, you can’t hide them when you’re in an important meeting, you’re stuck in them during some of the biggest occasions of your life (dating, wedding, ect…), and they can be painful. Really, when it gets right down to it, I can totally see why people would be wary of adult braces.

That’s where Invisalign braces come in.

Invisalign serves as the convenient solution to adult brace-wearing needs. Have a wedding you’re going to be in? No problem! You can wear your Invisalign braces without anyone being any the wiser. Need to head out to a lunch meeting? Just take your Invisalign out beforehand and you’re good to go. Not to mention Invisalign’s low maintenance needs, and you’re looking at more time back into your hands. No matter the situation, Invisalign’s invisible braces give you the convenience you need to make it through your hectic schedule.

Reduced Time

Having had traditional braces myself when I was younger; I know how long they can take before they’re removed. From the time they’re cemented to the teeth, braces can take anywhere from six months to two years (if not more) before they’re taken off. That’s a long time, particularly in the life of an adult who has adult responsibilities and meetings to attend to. That wait time is cut in half by the use of Invisalign braces. With Invisalign, you’re given a new set of invisible aligners every few weeks to keep gradually shifting your teeth into place. These aligners cut treatment time down, while continuing to provide added convenience to their users.

Less Pain

Ask anyone what the first few weeks after you get braces are like and you’ll be told horror stories of cut up mouths and bleeding gums. Traditional braces use wire and cement to lock your teeth into places, creating cuts and soreness inside your mouth. Invisalign, however, takes that pain and says “no more”. Using clear, custom designed, aligners, Invisalign takes away painful metal braces and tough cemented teeth. Instead, your aligners will be smooth, comfortable, and virtually pain-free throughout the entire process. Will you feel some level of discomfort as your teeth shift? Most likely, but without the added metal, you’re mouth will remain in tip-top shape.

Oral Hygiene

Image from Invisalign

Yes, oral hygiene can go out the window with braces. Because traditional metal braces cover the majority of your teeth, they put strain on the gums causing them to swell, and limit how far you can reach with your toothbrush and floss. By making the investment with Invisalign, you’re able to stop bad oral hygiene in its tracks. Since the aligners used are removable, you’re able to remove them morning, noon, and night to properly brush and floss your teeth. When you’re finished you’ll simply need to pop your aligners back in and move about your day. Maintaining the ability to continue on with your oral hygiene will lead to a healthier smile and a more radiant looking you!

A Brighter Smile

Speaking of oral hygiene…food and drink can have an extremely damaging effect on your teeth. Especially while using traditional braces, there’s an increased likelihood that you’ll get food stuck in places you can’t see, and coffee stains in places you just can’t reach. However, adults cannot forgo things like food and drink for the sake of their appearance, which is why they shy away from braces in the first place. What if I get food stuck in my teeth during a meeting? How am I going to discontinue my daily Americano? Invisalign gives users back the ability to maintain a beautiful smile all day and well into the future. For up to two to four hours a day, Invisalign users are able to remove their aligners while they eat and drink. This means food doesn’t get stuck in the nooks and crannies, while coffee stains can be brushed out immediately following your drink. This not only protects you from any increased risk of cavity or otherwise, but also from embarrassing situations involving a big hunk of green lettuce caught in your front two teeth and a handsome suitor on a first date.

Braces are not limited to the kids, after all. In fact, it would seem that the further dental technology gets on, the more convenient it’s becoming for people of all ages. Not to mention that Invisalign is being more accessible than ever to the general public, meaning that you’re likely to find an dentist in your area who can help.

So, is going invisible such a bad thing after all? You tell me!

Comment below with what you think of Invisalign braces!

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