White Fillings

The Smile Gallery in Escondido provides porcelain and composite resins for predictable, safe results that react and look like a patient’s natural teeth  Read on to learn more about the tooth-colored white fillings available at the local office.

What Are White Fillings, Tooth-Colored or Composite Fillings?

Composite or tooth-colored fillings are often used to restore a tooth’s shape after it’s been damaged by a cavity. While dentists often used amalgam fillings on back teeth 25 years ago, composite fillings can be safely and effectively used in most cases and longer lasting than the old silver fillings.

The same tooth-colored, pliable resin can also be used to cosmetically augment the color, size, or shape of a patient’s tooth in a process called dental bonding. The resin may even be used to cover small cracks and chips, or to fill minor gaps between a patient’s teeth.

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What Is the Biggest Benefit of White Fillings - Composite Fillings in Escondido?

There are many reasons to consider restorative dentistry with composite or tooth-colored fillings, but one of the biggest benefits is also the most obvious: the restoration is unnoticeable when the patient smiles. The resin is matched as closely as possible to the color of the patient’s teeth, for a seamless result

In some instances, placing such a filling can strengthen the tooth and improve its durability, especially if the tooth has been chipped or cracked. Again, the resin is color-matched to the tooth and applied by the layer.

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Composite tooth-colored fillings are a natural-looking way to restore a patient’s smile. If a patient has questions about these fillings, or if they need to schedule a routine dental checkup, they can call the office or visit us online today.

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