Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are the most popular type of fillings today. The old silver amalgam flings are no longer used in permanent adult teeth.

White composite fillngs are a great solution for repairing broken, cracked or decaying teeth in need of repair. Since composite fillings are tooth-colored and designed to match the rest of your smile, composite fillings are especially effective for highly visible teeth.

Fillings are often used as the first line of defense for minor issues and are important to utilize early. Regular dental office visits are the best way of identifying areas that could be saved by a composite filling. How often are your dentist visits scheduled? If you need a check up or have any issues that can be fixed with a composite filling, contact us to find out how soon we can schedule the procedure to limit further issues.

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With composite fillings, whether the tooth is visible or tucked away they all serve a purpose. You need them to be in perfect working order, placement, and shape. Something as small as a crack puts the tooth in danger of further damage, cavity or decay, root canal, and ultimately replacement should the issues become bad enough. 

Below you can find a little more information on when getting composite fillings might make sense for you. Make sure to set up an appointment with Dr. Bainer, your local Escondido dentist, to make sure a composite filling is all you need.

Common Reasons For Composite Fillings

  • Repairing chipped and cracked teeth to their natural shape.
  • Filling in the space between two teeth.
  • Filling decayed teeth to restore tooth function.
  • Treating worn teeth.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a composite filling we encourage you to call The Smile Gallery and make an appointment with Dr. Bainer.

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