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Dental emergencies come in various types and severities, and knowing what constitutes an emergency can help patients save money and time. The body’s systems are connected, which can make it hard to find the cause of some forms of dental pain without consulting an emergency dentist.

If You Have Dental Pain

A prompt diagnosis by an emergency dentist is the surest way to find immediate relief and prevent small problems from becoming major issues. 

Loose or Broken Teeth

It is abnormal for adults to experience loose teeth, but it does happen. If a patient notices that a tooth is feeling loose, it could be due to a number of causes. The most common reason for loose or broken teeth in adults is an injury; after a sporting or auto accident, it’s important for patients to ensure that their teeth are protected. Even if the teeth appear to be intact, patients should still make an appointment with an emergency dentist who can check for jaw and nerve damage. While these conditions may not have immediate symptoms, it’s important to treat them before they get worse.

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Severe Toothache Could Be Cause to Seek an Emergency Dentist

The severity of a toothache can indicate the need for an emergency dental visit. Minor toothaches can be treated with home remedies, but those with severe pain should visit a dentist right away, as there are multiple causes of toothache. Treatment choices depend on the underlying cause, and proper diagnosis is crucial for lasting relief.

Toothache prevention is an ideal solution, but not all problems can be prevented. A patient’s habits and lifestyle choices can cause problems, and, before the patient knows it, they have a toothache to contend with. If the pain has become more severe, or if there’s sensitivity after exposure to hot or cold foods, it’s time to make an emergency dental appointment.

Achy, Bleeding Gums

Gums that bleed with brushing or flossing can indicate the earliest signs of gingivitis or gum disease. However, if bleeding recurs, is excessive, or causes pain, it could indicate advanced gum disease. Catching problems early on can help a patient keep their teeth and gums intact and healthy, and because gum disease occurs in stages, the extent of treatment depends on how far the disease has advanced.

Swollen Jaws

Jaw swelling may indicate a serious infection of the salivary glands or other parts of the mouth. If a patient has swelling in the jaw, combined with fever, breathing troubles, difficulty swallowing, and a bad taste in the mouth, they should seek help right away. Salivary gland infections are typically bacterial in nature, and a blockage can prevent these glands from helping to wash away germs and break down food. While such infections are rare, patients should seek emergency dental care in Escondido when they have these symptoms.

Dental Abscesses May Require an Emergency Dentist

A patient should seek care at the first sign of a dental abscess, which is a painful infection of the root of a tooth. Abscesses are often caused by untreated cavities or extremely advanced gum disease, but they can also be caused by mouth trauma. Symptoms include fever, a bad taste in the mouth, swollen glands, and the presence of pus. These symptoms are also seen in some other infections, and emergency dental treatment should be sought immediately. In most cases, abscessed teeth require surgical intervention to ensure proper treatment and drainage of the infected area.

Canker Sores That Don’t Heal

While canker sores are a normal occurrence and they usually go away quickly, patients should seek treatment if they linger or they become infected. If a sore in the mouth doesn’t heal in two weeks, the patient should call a dentist or doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Persistent Headaches

Severe headaches have a variety of causes, from sickness or stress to simply eating cold foods too quickly. However, if a patient’s headaches are recurring or chronic, something else may be causing them. The teeth and the head are connected, and any pain in the jaw or mouth can cause a headache. Constant headaches could be a sign of bruxism or teeth grinding, and an emergency dentist will look for signs such as worn tooth enamel and increased sensitivity. In many instances, treatment is as simple as wearing a nighttime mouth guard.

Numbness in the Teeth

If a patient experiences a severe toothache that’s followed by a lack of sensation in the area, it could indicate that an infection has spread to the tooth’s root and the underlying nerves. It’s important for patients to pay careful attention to their toothaches, as sudden numbness can indicate the need for emergency dental work in Escondido.


This is a difficult sign for dentists to diagnose, as tiredness has numerous causes. If a person is always exhausted, an oral infection may be to blame. Tiredness is a sign of numerous types of infections, as the body works to heal itself, and it’s a good idea for patients to visit their dentist to ensure that their symptoms aren’t related to gum disease or an abscessed tooth.

A Metallic Taste in the Mouth

If a person has metal fillings and they’re suddenly able to taste metal, the old filling may be loose or cracked. When this happens, the patient should seek emergency care, as open fillings can lead to cavities and infection. Rather than leaving the problem untreated, an Escondido emergency dentist can replace the filling and clear away any infection.

Don’t Delay, Seek Treatment Today

A visit to an emergency dentist means more than treating a simple toothache. As a dental patient, it’s vital to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of mouth problems. Any sudden or significant change may be a sign of a much larger issue that requires immediate treatment. If a patient has a toothache and needs instant relief, an emergency visit is a good idea. For those who have experienced one or more of the above signs, make an appointment with an emergency dentist in Escondido. Book the appointment online, or call the office to inquire about availability.

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