Cerec Same Day Crowns

Crowns use to take weeks with at least two dental visits, placing a temporary crown while waiting for the lab to send the final. Not anymore, Cerec same day crowns simplifies and speeds up the process.

For years, crowns have been used to cover damaged areas on teeth or replaced teeth that were missing or that needed to be removed. Crowns provided an amazing opportunity to have a full, realistic tooth in the empty space so the person’s smile didn’t suffer. 

But, if you want to have a crown put in, you’d have to visit the dentist at least two times. Until now because with Cerec, same day crowns are possible. Your local dentist in Escondido now has the Cerec machine in-house to provide you with same day crowns along with top quality dental care.

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What’s the Process for Traditional Crowns?

For traditional crowns, the first visit was usually to determine what needed to be done and to take the impression for the crown. The dental work that needed to be done to prepare the tooth for the crown would likely be done at this appointment as well.

The impression for the crown would be sent out to the lab and the patient would have a temporary crown put in place until the real crown was made by the lab and sent to the dentist. Once it arrived at the dental office, the person would need a second visit to have the crown put in place.

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While this does work, the person needs to be careful with what they decide to eat while the temporary crown is in. Since it’s not permanently attached, sticky or tough foods could dislodge it and the person could lose or swallow it, leaving a gap between their teeth. They’d need to visit the dentist to have another temporary crown put in to ensure their teeth didn’t move and close up the space for the new crown, adding another dental visit to the process.

What’s Changed?

The future is here, and same day crowns are now available. With the Cerec machine, dentists can create crowns in their office. There is no longer a need for patients to visit the dentist two or three times for the crown to be installed and no more being careful with food for a few weeks for the crown to arrive. They only need to take one day off work to have everything done. Most patients are going to be eligible for these crowns and will be able to have everything done in just one day. It is important for them to visit a dentist that has the right machine and can do crowns in a day. They will want to discuss this possibility with their dentist to make sure it’s the right option for them and to make sure they understand how it works.

What are the Benefits of These Crowns?

More patients are choosing same day crowns for the convenience, but this isn’t the only benefit of these crowns. The digital impression process is more comfortable than the standard impressions, the crowns themselves are more comfortable, and they have a much longer lifespan than traditional crowns.

Most patients who have Cerec same day crowns say they’re pleased with the crown and report a high success rate for the crowns. While traditional crowns tend to last around ten years, crowns made using a Cerec machine have a 95.5% success rate after nine years and an 84% success rate after 18 years. Long after traditional crowns may fall out or break, Cerec crowns are still going strong.

What’s the Process for These Crowns?

The patient will visit the dentist for their crown placement. The dentist will perform a scan of the teeth instead of taking a traditional impression. This is more comfortable and easy to do. Next, any work that needs to be done on the tooth to prepare it for the crown will be done.

The dentist will use the Cerec software to design the crown. The software is specially designed for dentists to use and to make it easier for them to get from the scan to ready for production. The Cerec machine produces the crown for them using an extremely precise process that makes the tooth as smooth as possible.

The last step is for the crown to be sintered and glazed, which finalizes the tooth and ensures it’s ready to be placed. This step is done right next to the patient and, when the tooth is done, can be placed almost immediately. The entire process is so fast the patient doesn’t need to leave the chair while it’s completed. They can just relax while the dentist creates the crown right in the office.

What Should the Patient Expect?

The patient should expect the process to be as painless as possible and as fast as possible. They should expect to spend some time in the dental chair, but they only need to make one appointment instead of multiple over a few weeks to a month. They should expect the crown to feel comfortable in their mouth and be as smooth as possible once it’s in place.

The patient should also expect the crown to last as long as possible. Cerec same day crowns have an incredibly high success rate as much as 18 years down the road, which is much longer than traditional crowns. This gives the patient much less to worry about and enables them to get back to eating normally as quickly as possible.

Look Into Same Day Crowns Today

In the past, getting a crown was a complex process. Everything needed to be sent to a lab, so the person could expect to have to visit the dentist at least twice and have to deal with a temporary crown in the meantime. The entire process could take up to two months to complete, depending on how long it took the lab to create the tooth and how long the shipping took.

Now, multiple appointments for a crown are a thing of the past. Patients can have a crown created and installed the same day the restorative work is done on their teeth. They don’t have to use a temporary crown, so they can get back to eating their favorite foods right away.

If you need a crown and you’d like to have the entire process done as quickly as possible for you, talk to your dentist about same day crowns. If the dental office has a Cerec machine, they’ll be able to do the entire process in one day so you can save time and money.

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