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Looking for amazing dental care in Escondido at a price that fits your budget? The Smile Gallery now has an in-house membership club which means you get the service your teeth deserve at a price that’s easier to manage. 

Take the cost of basic dental care like a dental exam and spread it out throughout the year. Then get a discount on additional or more complex services like dental crowns when needed. Dr. Bainer is always looking for new ways to provide value to his patients. 

Offering this membership club allows for more patients to get the care they need without worrying about how they will pay for it. Also, check out our video on the Care to Share card to learn more about savings for new patients and how you can help your referrals save money with or without our membership club.

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Membership Club Levels and Benefits

There are several levels of coverage so that you pick what’s right for your dental needs. Contact our office for more information and let us help you select the best membership club plan or insurance plan for your unique dental needs. The membership club allows you to pay for the main dental services you receive each year throughout the year instead of all at once. That means you can enjoy the results without worrying about holding off a cleaning if money is tight. Our membership club means you get control of your dental care without it affecting your finances as intensely. There’s no interest and no credit check because it’s not a loan.

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It’s simply an in-house membership that spreads billing over time. And since you are paying us directly we are able to pass along the discounts on additional services. Only a one-time setup fee and you get the access you need to keep your teeth healthy. No more switching dentists because your insurance changed. Simply sign up for our membership club and check paying for dental care off your to-do list.

There’s no better way to cover you and your family with your favorite dentist than our new in-house membership club. Contact us to learn more about our membership options. We’ll make sure you have the right advice for the needed dental services and financial situation. We look forward to seeing you as part of the membership club to help you save on your dental services today!

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Our Promise to You

The Smile Gallery practices the Art of Fine Dentistry. We work to ensure our patients have the most relaxed and comfortable experience possible. Our individualized patient attention means you receive the best care possible. Our friendly staff is ready to greet you warmly, set you at ease, and create a level of comfort and customer service rarely seen in the dental industry.

We understand patients who have dental anxiety and have been working for years to provide the safe, comfortable environment that makes you want to see your Escondido dentist a few times a year or anytime your teeth need dental services.

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