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Indirect dental bonding technology is establishing itself in more and more orthodontic practices. In addition to stress-free care, it also enables shorter chair times. How can Dental Bonding in Escondido benefit you?

Dental Bonding Experience is Everything

Today, in the context of containing and lowering recurring costs, it is crucial for dental practices to respond appropriately and flexibly to each situation. With the following contribution, this article would like to give some food for thought, how Escondido Dental Bonding can be integrated as a way of better practice utilization.

Most dental offices notice that every change to a new system requires time and patience. Frequently, unobserved errors and associated failures show up unexpectedly in at the beginning. Once indirect bonding has been achieved, it is an efficient way of reducing treatment times, but above all the time spent with the patient’s dentist.

This technique allows a well-organized team to perform multiple changes without sacrificing the quality of each treatment. In principle, all common bonding systems can be precisely placed on the patient with very little work. Each position can be easily controlled from all angles.

A transfer mask allows an exact transfer of the bonding brackets into the mouth. Even with restless patients or severe tooth misalignment, the harness changes smoothly and quickly. Indirect bonding technology should, therefore, always be considered when planning this kind of procedure.

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Theoretical Basics of Dental Bonding

There is the possibility to place the bonding agent on the patient in a conventional way with dental glue. This method of indirect bonding is not on an individual basis. The adhesive used, in this case, is completely removed after the preparation of the transfer mask and must, therefore, be replaced in the mouth with filled plastic.

A more precise option is the indirect positioning with an individual plastic base. In this case, the bonding agents and brackets are placed on the patient’s mouth model with a thermal, auto or photopolymerized-filled plastic. When transferred to the mouth, the individual plastic base between the tooth and the bracket leaves only one micro-gap, which is filled with a suitable bonding agent.

From the impression to the transfer mask – indirect bonding positioning with individual plastic base is a great way to restore a smile. The impression taken by the dentist or hygienist is followed by a timely and accurate production of a working model. On the dry model, the tooth axes and incisal edges or cusps are marked. The height of the sling prescribed by the practitioner is transferred to the plaster teeth.

The model is then isolated. The bonding brackets in Escondido are now set and cured to exact specifications by the attending dentist.

Ensuring the Bonding Success

If the transfer mask is produced using a deep-drawing technique, it is important to block out strongly undercuts and check marks. First, the dentist will make a 1 mm soft splint with a suitable thermoforming device. An even smaller hard bar is then pulled over and worked into position. The single-phase transmission made of silicone has proven to be particularly useful, according to statistics.

The transparent material is applied from a cartridge around the brackets and modeled with the dentist’s fingers. After the silicone has completely cured, the tray is cut back with a sharp scalpel. To ensure easy dissolution of the silicone tray, the silicone should be cut centrally on each bracket. Keep in mind that only dentists with a proven background in dental bonding should perform this procedure.

Dental Bonding Procedure at a Glance

At the beginning of each person’s treatment, the transfer masks are tried on and checked for fit accuracy. Then the plastic bases are cleaned with alcohol and thoroughly rubbed with acetone. The patient must make preparations so that they are cleared for direct or indirect Dental Bonding in Escondido.

However, after a thorough cleaning of the teeth, it is recommended that the dentist additionally radiate the tooth surfaces with aluminum oxide. This is followed by a careful etching of the adhesive surfaces on the affected teeth. Depending on the patient’s preference, a primer or bonding sealer can be applied, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For the actual bonding of the brackets or teeth, a two-phase bonding is performed, as it works completely independent of time and temperature. The first phase is applied to the individual plastic bases, while the second phase is applied simultaneously to the prepared adhesive surfaces. The transfer tray is now inserted and pressed evenly.

After a short curing phase, the transfer mask is carefully removed. Afterwards, the bonding brackets are checked for firm hold and, if necessary, any bonding excess is removed with a scaler. Dentists should do these types of procedures regularly, so, if they don’t, it is important to find another dentist.

Advantages of Indirect and Direct Bonding Positioning

There are plenty of advantages that come with Escondido Dental Bonding. Some of the pros are listed below, but it is essential to speak with a professional to learn the full scope of the procedure. Do not make the mistake of choosing a dentist with minimal work experience in this area as it could cost you much more in the long run.

  • Chair time and especially doctor-patient time per bonding application/change is minimal
  • The dentist will not be in a strenuous sitting position, which means more comfort for the patient
  • Several bonding applications can be made comfortably and in very little time
  • More precise positioning of the bonding brackets is possible
  • Treatments are done faster, mainly because there is less need to be re-glued

Given the vast advantages of direct and indirect Dental Bonding in Escondido, this method should always be considered in each modern practice. This type of technology has proven itself to check off most patient care and well-being “boxes,” down to each case. Treating a case of mixed dentition without the use of dental bonding agents can take entirely too long, especially between taking impressions and incorporation of the bonding agent using adhesive trays.

These can be unfavorable factors for a flawless and trouble-free indirect bonding bracket transfer. The ideal prerequisite for getting started with direct and indirect bonding is through a complete and permanent denture.

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